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Graines de Paix: How to Prevent Violence in Youth?

In response to the surge in violence and harassment among young people, a concern shared by large parts of the general public,  politicians, teachers and parents, the Graines de Paix Foundation is launching the educational project “AdoGoZen”.

Initially targeting socio-cultural centers in French-speaking Switzerland, this initiative aims to prevent various forms of violence experienced and perpetrated by adolescents aged 12 to 16. Inspired by forum theatre, an interactive theatre method, “AdoGoZen” enhances self-confidence and promotes self-assertion avoiding the use of violence.

Consisting of seven workshops facilitated by animators from the centers who have undergone prior training by the Foundation, this project addresses themes such as self-violence, denouncing violence, discrimination, online and structural violence in institutions.


 Equipped with these abilities, the young generation is ready to become drivers of change, shifting from the prevailing norm of downplaying violence to one that fosters inner security and harmony among peers.

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