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Event Tag: Methods (EN)

No upcoming events at this time

OROS – Webinar: Pedagogical Attitudes for Transformative Education

Workshop on RECI Strategy with “Outcomes Harvesting” Method

RECI Education Forum 2023 “Mind the Gap”

OROS : Critical Insights from a Vocational Education and Training-Impact Study in Colombia, June 22

OROS: From special schools to disability inclusive education systems. The case of Madagascar.

RECI Thematic Day 2022

Preparatory workshop for an interactive and participatory Thematic Day

OROS — Gender Sensitive Teaching: Insights from African and Latin American Contexts

RECI Thematic Day 2021: Education Beyond the Pandemic

OROS : Global South Perspective on the Right to Inclusive Education

OROS – Play-based Learning : Discovery & Exchange

THEMATIC DAY 2020: Key competencies for teachers in a context of development or crisis