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Workshop on RECI Strategy with “Outcomes Harvesting” Method

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At the midpoint of our strategic plan for the period 2021-2025, RECI is conducting an evaluation of its progress thus far and reflecting on its future development. In this context, RECI members participated in a workshop aimed at compiling the results achieved over the past three years.

The “Outcomes Harvesting” method is an evaluative approach used to identify and document the results of a program, project, or initiative, with a focus on actual observed changes rather than expected outcomes. Unlike other evaluation methods that focus on capturing predefined data and measuring performance indicators, this method emphasises qualitative feedback and understanding results from various perspectives.

We thank the RECI Board for organising this interactive workshop, as well as all members who contributed valuable results and insights. We will use the outcomes of this workshop as a basis for further analysis and preparation of the new strategy process.

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