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Education Forum 2024: Mind the Gap 2.0 – Back to the Educational Gaps!

Event information

Education Forum 2024: Mind the Gap 2.0

On the 20th of June, prepare yourself for a day of enriching exchanges as we once again explore educational gaps at the Education Forum 2024 “Mind the Gap 2.0”. Following the inspiring success of our previous forum, we are pleased to invite you to a new edition that will highlight well-known, lesser-known, or even unknown gaps, representing a challenge to the achievement of SDG 4, the Sustainable Development Goal 4. These gaps are not simply voids; they represent missed opportunities, obstacles, and disparities that hinder our collective goal of quality education for all.

Why participate?

The rich contributions and feedback from participants at our last forum clearly indicated a desire to further explore certain topics and uncover other gaps in the field of education. This year, we are organising the forum online, thus offering everyone the opportunity to contribute to these crucial conversations, regardless of their location in the world.

We are delighted to welcome or welcome back special external guests for the event:

  • Vernor Muñoz, Head of Policy and Advocacy of the Global Campaign for Education and former UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education
  • Christine Semambo Sempebwa, former Director of Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE)

What to expect

Continuation of key discussions: Resume from our previous discussions and further explore the essential topics that emerged during our last edition.

  • Pregnant Teenage Girls’ Education in Africa” by Christine Semambo Sempebwa (former Director of FAWE)
  • Right to Education” by Vernor Muñoz, Head of Policy and Advocacy of the Global Campaign for Education
  • Disability Inclusion in Education” by Joseph Noroniaina Clarisse Rakoto (FJKM) and Christian Furrer (CBM Swiss)
  • Human Rights (e.g. LGBT rights) in cultural and educational context” by Jean-Marie Byll-Cataria and Denis Hofer Zihlmann (CBM Swiss)
  • How to avoid “killing the culture through education” in formal education” by Brigit Burkard (Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation)

Proposal of new themes: We are continuing the Open Space philosophy of our last Education Forum and are keeping a number of open spaces for more workshops on new topics.. If you already now have another topic that you wish to discuss, we invite you to propose it in your registration. If the theme you would like to discuss comes to your mind after the registration don’t worry – there will be more opportunities for you to step forward…

Global networking: Meet colleagues from around the world and exchange ideas with education professionals, researchers, or anyone interested in the theme.


  • 10:00 : Opening & Welcome
  • 10:20 : Plenary session: discussing gaps with a rights-based perspective
  • 10:50 : Open Space Introduction: how it works
  • 11:00 : Market Place
  • 11:10  : Workshop Round I
  • 12:00 – 13:00 : Lunch Break
  • 13:00 : Workshop Round II
  • 13:55 : Workshop round III
  • 14:35 : Plenary Closing
  • 14:55 : Thanks and Closing

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Join us for the Education Forum 2024 “Mind the Gap 2.0” and become a voice of change in the field of education.

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