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RECI statement on the Swiss International Cooperation Strategy 2025-2028

RECI expressed its concerns regarding the new Swiss International Cooperation Strategy 2025-2028 during the optional consultation procedure.


While Switzerland has been increasingly promoting education on the international stage in the past years, RECI is disappointed that this priority is not adequately reflected in the new strategy. It emphasises the fundamental importance of education as a human right and a prerequisite for achieving all other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). RECI also expresses its concerns about the reduction of the international cooperation budget and stresses that the exceptional financial assistance to Ukraine must be financed through a supplementary credit to ensure that long-standing investments are not jeopardised and that the poorest countries can continue to be supported.


In its position paper RECI puts forward specific recommendations, such as placing greater emphasis on education as a central theme of human development, promoting an inclusive educational continuum, and highlighting the role of education in achieving SDGs related to sustainable economic development, the environment, peace, and governance.

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