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Exchange with the Geneva Global Hub for Education in Crisis Situations

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The RECI Working Group on Education in Emergencies organised an exchange with the Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies on 8 April 2022. The Geneva Hub is a platform that aims to strengthen cooperation among international Geneva organisations to improve support for education in crisis situations worldwide.

The exchange took place in the Hub’s workspace in Geneva and was attended by 15 participants. The event enabled participants to get to know the work of the two networks better and to discuss possible synergies. The latter were identified mainly in the area of policy dialogue on education in emergencies and in the area of coordination with international actors.

For example, exchanges have already taken place between RECI and the Danish Alliance for Education in Crisis and Education Cannot Wait (ECW) in cooperation with the Hub. The dialogue between RECI and the Geneva Global Hub for EiE will be actively pursued in the future.

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