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Continuum education – training – work and employment

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On 4 June, the RECI discussed the “Basic Education – Vocational Training – Labour Market” continuum in a workshop with around 50 participants. In addition to RECI members, the panel included representatives of the SDC and ILO. The basis for the discussion was a report with five case studies, examining how RECI members implement the continuum perspective in their international cooperation programmes.

With the continuum approach, the RECI seeks answers to the precarious situation of many young people – especially in poorer regions or in the context of migration – whose educational pathways are marked by ruptures, having a strong impact on their later lives: further educational opportunities remain closed to them, their chances of a good job are minimal, and they are at risk of social and economic exclusion. The event presented the case studies and discussed how the continuum can contribute to the socio-economic integration of these young people.

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