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OROS: From special schools to disability inclusive education systems. The case of Madagascar.

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An inclusive education system is one that accommodates all students whatever their abilities or requirements, and at all levels – pre-school, primary, secondary, tertiary, vocational and life-long learning (UNICEF).

But what does such an inclusive system look like in practice? And how can transformative change take place in a segregated education system, where special schools and mainstream schools have existed in parallel over the past decades? The Madagascar case describes the journey of advocacy, policy change, curriculum revision, participation and stakeholder engagement. It also highlights challenges such as resource allocation and redistribution, teacher training and child-centred teaching in overcrowded classrooms. Colleagues from CBM Global’s Madagascar country office, organisations of persons with disabilities, the partner organisation FJKM were be happy to discuss with you in this webinar, OROS (Online RECI Open Space). Participants were be invited to discuss this topic and to contribute with their own experience and projects.

This webinar was hosted by RECI member CBM Schweiz on March 9, 15:00 to 17:00 CET online, in French and English with simultaneous interpretation.

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