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RECI Education Forum 2023 „Mind the Gap“

Event information

RECI Education Forum "Mind the Gap"

An alternative approach to addressing challenges and building pathways to bridge educational gaps worldwide

We are thrilled to invite you to a dynamic and inclusive event dedicated to tackling the gaps in education and advancing Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4). Join us for a day of thought-provoking discussions and our joint effort to develop innovative solutions regarding the critical challenges in education worldwide.  

About the Event

The RECI Education Forum 2023 is a unique opportunity to foster change and innovation in education. The event will bring together practitioners, researchers, policy makers and thinkers to highlight well- and lesser-known gaps, that pose a challenge in the realisation of SDG 4 to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” by 2030.  This year’s forum adopts an unconventional approach, focusing on the broad theme „Mind the Gap“ and utilising the Open Space Methodology, giving all participants the opportunity to put forward those themes that are most relevant for them. Together, we will explore various gaps in education, discuss their interconnections, and develop practical solutions. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ONLINE PARTICIPANTS : Only opening panel discussion will be accessible online. This part will take place from 9.30am to 10.45am CET.

  • Plenary opening and closing sessions 

The Forum will open and close with plenary sessions. During these sessions, renowned speakers – academics, policymakers, practitioners, and activists – will shed light on very diverse gaps in education and trigger reflections on their interconnectedness. Preliminary themes are girls‘ education, inclusive education, indigenous education, education governance and questions of competing ideologies and pedagogies. (Only the opening panel discussion will be online)

  • Open Space Workshops: Dive deep into self-organised workshops that focus on specific themes or questions relevant to participants. Discuss, share insights, and contribute to finding solutions to education gaps. The workshops are for participants in Bern, only.   
  • Networking : The RECI Education Forum 2023 offers a unique opportunityengage in meaningful networking. This collaborative environment fosters an ecosystem of shared knowledge, enabling the diverse participants to make new and lasting connections. You will have the opportunity to meet and dive into discussions with RECI members, partners, researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and thinkers.
  • Marketplace: discover the work of some of our members and working groups in the marketplace, available all day long.

The RECI Education Forum 2023 will encourage and facilitate cross-sectoral discussions on diverse gaps that are most relevant for participants, and to reflect on their interconnectedness. Through the Open Space Methodology, we will create a space that allows for the cumulative knowledge, experience and curiosity of the Forum participants to create new thinking, ideas and solutions for future action. 

Education stands as a transformative force that holds the key to unlocking human potential and driving sustainable development. As we strive towards realising Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) – Quality Education for All – it is crucial to shine a spotlight on the gaps that exist within our education systems. These gaps are not mere voids; they represent missed opportunities, barriers, and disparities that hinder our collective progress.   

While we will open the Forum with a debate on a number of diverse gaps, the specific themes discussed during the following workshops will be defined by the participants through the Open Space Methodology: You might go deeper into issues of inequalities that prevent marginalised communities from accessing quality education;  you might challenge the gender stereotypes that hinder women’s educational success; you might address the shortcomings in curricula and teacher training that diminish the quality of education; you might dwell on  the challenges of inclusive education and the principle  “no one left behind”; you might launch a workshop on the governance of education and education in development cooperation; you might put forward a discussion on cultural sensitivity, in order to realise relevant quality education of indigenous peoples; you might invite others to  look closely at the impact of digitalisation on education; and you might propose or discover gaps, that we had not been aware of before.  

The best way to truly grasp the essence of Open Space Methodology is by experiencing it first hand. The beauty of it is that prior familiarity with this approach is not necessary to join in! Just come with your curiosity, your questions, your experience and your openness to find out what others have to contribute, and the Open Space will yield new insights, help create new connections and give birth to new ideas and fresh motivation for your work.   

Open Space Methodology offers a dynamic and inclusive approach to meetings that promotes active participation and collaboration. Participants collectively shape the agenda, suggesting discussion topics that matter most to them. The „law of two feet“ principle encourages attendees to move between conversations freely, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas. This methodology is particularly adept at tackling intricate challenges, as it enables diverse perspectives to converge, facilitating the generation of innovative solutions and a deeper understanding of complex issues.

Organising Committee : 

The RECI Education Forum 2023 is organised by RECI and representatives of its three thematic working groups: 

Thibaut Lauwerier (eduCoop), Luise Schurian (SA4D), Nina Volles (Paeradigms), Derya Kaygisiz (Save the Children), Beatrice Schulter & Nadine Bernasconi (RECI). 


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