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OROS – Webinar: Pedagogical Attitudes for Transformative Education

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Transformative education extends far beyond mere knowledge transmission. It embodies a pedagogical attitude that engages learners of all ages in a journey of critical reflection, social awareness, and personal growth. Its aim is to shape individuals capable of caring for one another and the planet, thereby contributing to the creation of peaceful, equitable, and sustainable societies. The topic of transformative education is at the heart of this year’s Global Action Week for Education (GAWE) of the Global Campaign for Education, which will take place from April 22-28.

Within the framework of GAWE, RECI will once again host an OROS-Webinar (Online RECI Open Space) as a regional event of ENACE (Europe and North America Campaign for Education). The webinar will focus on essential educational attitudes for transformative education. The way we teach and learn must align with the content: transformative education can only be achieved if pedagogy is also transformative. Educators must adopt specific attitudes to foster an environment conducive to critical reflection, self-expression, and social action. This involves, among other things, attentive and empathetic listening, thereby creating an atmosphere of trust and inclusion where learners of all ages can freely share their ideas and concerns. These attitudes are crucial for fostering the integral development of learners and preparing them to become engaged and responsible citizens in a constantly changing world.

We will also be welcoming a special guest Cecilia Soriano, GCE Campaign Manager, who will give an overview of Global Action Week for Education.

RECI member Graines de Paix will lead this participatory webinar, offering the following programme:

  • Exploration of different attitudes necessary to facilitate transformative education, as well as challenges and obstacles to overcome in their adoption.
  • Sharing of experiences and best practices in the development of these attitudes, and discussion on how to integrate them into daily educational practice.
  • Enriching perspectives from actors on the ground in Benin, addressing the specific challenges of transformative education, the crucial role of attitude, and the strategies for implementation.

Join us in this interactive webinar and share your experiences, best practices, questions or challenges in transformative education with us!

Please note that in our webinars, we utilise interactive methods, and all participants are invited to express themselves either collectively or in small groups. We learn from each other and provide you with the opportunity to engage in discussions with your peers.

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