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OROS — Psychosocial support to children and adolescence in education projects : good practices and challenges

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Children and adolescents participating in Vivamos Mejor’s education projects in Colombia, Guatemala and Nicaragua grow up under very difficult circumstances. Internal displacement, unemployment, financial pressure, and lack of prospects burden their families and lead to tensions. In addition, common macho attitudes, and alcoholism lead to widespread domestic violence.

Children who find themselves in ongoing crisis situations are limited in their ability to learn and freely develop their skills. Most of them lack the necessary resources to improve their situation on their own. By receiving psychosocial support (PSS) – a component of all education projects of Vivamos Mejor – children and adolescents strengthen their self-confidence and acquire important crisis-coping mechanisms. As they become more resilient individuals, they manage to lower their stress levels, handle difficult situations with more strength, and achieve better results in school and vocational training.

After a short input by Vivamos Mejors and its partner organisation Apoyar on their experience with PSS in education projects in Colombia, participants have been guided, with the help of educational and participatory methods, to discuss this topic, taking into account their own experiences and projects.

The webinar was held in English and Spanish with simultaneous translation.

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